Advanced Student Forum (ASF) 2018

On 6 October 2018, we celebrated the accomplishments of 116 Kumon Programme Completers and 311 students who were studying five years ahead of the Kumon International Standard (KIS) at the Advanced Student Forum.

Amongst the Completers, there were three who received awards for completion of double subjects. The youngest Completers in 2018 were four primary four students who completed the English Programme.

The youngest awardees were two kindergarteners (K1) receiving the award for 5-years advanced in Mathematics.

Achievement (2018)No. of Awards
5 Years Ahead346
3 Years Ahead1253
2 Years Ahead1734
6 Months Ahead4537

Held at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Advanced Student Forum saw two Completers; Tan Yan Ling and Lee Yi Jing on stage to share about their journey to completion of the Kumon Programmes.

In a separate segment of the ASF, four awardees Yu ZiChen (K2), Lau Yan Ting Hannah (P2), Yap Yi Zhe (P3) and Hasif Bin Mualana Abdul Halim (P5) went on stage for a Kumon Mathematics worksheet demonstration. They demonstrated their ability with worksheet levels that were 5 years ahead and even higher, than their school grade level. At the end of the demonstration, the entire auditorium was left in visible admiration of their ability.

In his speech, Mr Masahiro Takatsu, General Manager of Kumon Singapore and Brunei conveyed to the awardees his congratulations and urged them to pursue even greater heights.

Mr Takatsu shared, “In doing one thing, never give up halfway but continue to strive until the end.  This ability to persevere on is the greatest ability and the most powerful weapon in your life. Truly, all of you have gained this greatest ability and most powerful weapon. Therefore, believe and be proud of yourself, and advance further from here”.


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