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Programme Benefit

Boosts Confidence

Our individualised self-learning method ensures that every child progresses at a level that matches their ability. This means that your child can advance beyond their school grade level, with our carefully-designed learning materials that take students from preschool to university.

Students who need more time to learn feel less pressured, while students who excel are given more complex study materials to challenge themselves. This gives every child a boost of confidence in knowing that they are continuously progressing at a pace suitable for their learning ability.

Cultivates Independence

The Kumon worksheets are designed to foster self-learning and independent study, where students are taught to solve problems by themselves.

There are sufficient examples and explanations within each worksheet to encourage students to ask and answer questions on their own. When students complete the worksheets, they learn how to set goals, and solve unfamiliar and challenging tasks, developing independence and tenacity in your child’s character

Gain Life Skills

Apart from the world of academia, Kumon believes in developing important life skills through the Kumon Method.

Picking up skills such as self-discipline and time management, they also gain confidence in their abilities, a healthy level of self-esteem, and a drive to overcome challenges.

Kumon’s approach to education prepares students for their future, ensuring they excel in the classroom and possess essential life skills to pursue their dreams and aspirations.